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What is required to order the DigiCert Secure Email For Business Certificate?

Before you submit your S/MIME Certificate request, please ensure you have:

The domain of your email address registered to your organization.
A business phone number that can be found through a third-party directory.
Business headquarters and incorporation information.
Billing, technical and corporate authority contact details.

The S/MIME Certificate is issued per user (per e-mail address). For example: If you want to use the S/MIME Certificate for 5 users in your company, you need to order 5 S/MIME Certificates.

Due to the validation requirements, there may be a delay between when you place your order and when you receive your certificate. After submitting your order, the order status will show as Pending while DigiCert validates the order.

Upon completion of the organization validation process, we will send you an email with a link to generate the certificate directly in your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera or Safari). Once the certificate is generated, you can export it to a PFX file (PKCS12) in your browser.

If you don't have an S/MIME Certificate or need to renew your existing one, check out our offerings:

Updated on: 30/10/2023

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