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How do I buy an SSL/TLS Certificate?

You can easily and quickly purchase a SSL/TLS Certificate through our website by following these instructions:

1. Choose the appropriate SSL/TLS certificate for your needs:

RapidSSL, Thawte or DigiCert Secure Site SSL/TLS Certificates

GeoTrust SSL/TLS Certificates

2. Choose Billing Cycle

Choose your multi-year plan.

For 2-year and longer plans, you'll need to request and install a free reissue each year. Industry policy limits public TLS/SSL certificates to 1-year maximum validity.

3. Enter your main website URL (Common name / FQDN)

Single Domain SSL Certificate: Example: (Remember, when you secure, we also secure for free.)

Wildcard SSL Certificate: Enter your domain name without the asterisk, example:

Multi-Domain SSL Certificate: Enter your main website URL, example: . Additional Subject Alternative Name (SAN) addresses can be added later at the time of certificate issuance. If you need additional SAN addresses, please specify the quantity.

4. Available Addons

You can purchase additional services and/or products with your SSL/TLS Certificate:

SSL Certificate Installation Service: Our experts will generate the Certificate Sign Request (CSR) and install the SSL/TLS Certificate for you. Temporary access to your site's server and/or control panel is required. This service includes installation of a single certificate on a single server.

SiteLock Monitor: Completely free for one website for the duration of the SSL/TLS Certificate subscription.

5. Review

Review the order and if you have a discount coupon, inform us at this time.

6. Checkout

If you are already a registered customer, please enter your email address and password.
Otherwise, create a new account by entering your registration information and password. Select your payment method and complete your order!

The certificate will be available for issuance in your customer portal once payment has been confirmed.

To buy or renew an SSL/TLS certificate, check out our offers:

Updated on: 02/11/2023

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