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How do I stop the "Secure and non-secure items" warning on my website?

Browsers display this message when one or more elements embedded in the page (images, CSS files, JavaScript components, etc.) are loaded via an insecure URL (http:// instead of https://) or with a URL that has an invalid certificate installed.

Here is some ways to solve the above problem:

Change all URLs to https.
Open the problematic page and search for "http://" and change all elements references to "https://".

For example: <img src="" alt="example">

If the image is downloaded or copied from another site that is not secured with SSL, this solution will not work.

Make the links relative.
To eliminate the problem, you can choose to change all links to "/" instead of making them "https", for example: <img src="/image.gif" alt="example">

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Updated on: 02/11/2023

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